The Author

College Collage! 2011

I’m a part-time dreamer-writer-photographer-musician-traveler-fire bender, lover of the mundane and the exciting, believer of history and myths and critical of society and of various art forms, but forever a die-hard fan of them.

photo by ate Wei Wei, Samar, 2012

I used to have a a Canon 300D with an 18-55mm lens. I like picking up tricks and I relish stealing moments, but since I have no gear at the moment, I’m settling with posting photos I’ve never shared before.

Unless credited, and except those with me in the frames, all photos were taken by me. Feel free to explore, comment on, and criticize my page.


Baki Canay


3 thoughts on “The Author

    • Hi Nen! Thank you very much! I checked your FB page and saw the updates. I’ll keep tabs once the group announces the next Tambulan date/venue.

  1. Hi… Just bumped on your article regarding Fete dela Musique. :) Hope to see you soon and be part of our drum sesh nextime

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