The digital age has empowered the Filipino youth. Nothing proves this more than the fact we are capable of shifting trends on Twitter in the span of a day. As expert tambays of social media platforms, it’s not a surprise to find that a lot of online content seems to read like love letters addressed directly to us. We dictate headlines without a peep. That kind of power is overwhelming. But like food, too much of a good thing can be bad.


PH Leads Social Network Use Survey

If digital empowers, it also drowns out voices. If like me you rely on the Internet for news, you know how frustrating it is to sift through the many words and opinions being thrown around today especially as election day draws near. Most of these are meant to confuse rather than clarify. It’s deploring that news sites also have hidden agendas and are using digital platforms to advance personal motives.


Like me, you must be asking: who will I trust? Whose voice should I listen to? 


Finding a grain of truth in the midst of the daily confusion is exhausting. To find a reliable online resource that speaks our language, articulates our thoughts before we can even form them, and stays true to us readers seems next to impossible. Lucky for us, something’s cooking in Malaysia, and we’re all invited to the free boodle fight.


SAYS Philippines

Last week I attended the launching of SAYS Philippines in Kabisera, Bonifacio High Street. On paper, SAYS is a Malaysia-based news site that aims to get young people to read the news again. But to me, SAYS is a go-getter that is not afraid to try, the first to tell there is a good story to the bad news. SAYS has arrived on Philippine shores at the hottest time of the year to serve the hottest piece of news and shareable content to the youth, and they make it so we can’t help but take a bite. 


Reading makes me wonder about the possibilities of content sharing. We’re living in a world that deplores bad news, yet we are fed everyday with pessimism. SAYS reminds us that humanity exists in the midst of crisis. Its stories show us that news can be about what we say it should be: honest and positive. The real meaning of “empowering.” There is so much bad news today, why not start focusing on the good. Maybe by reading more about hope, we can be a beacon of hope to those who need it.


What do you think?

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