Wishlist: Places Because

Christmas season! Everyone’s writing their wishlists, so I wrote mine for everyone to see (’tis the season of sharing naman di ba, so, wala lang sharing haha). Here’s my bucket list of places to visit and reasons why I wanna go there:

1. Istanbul

Because history (and rugs!)

2. Uluru, heart of Australia

Because of its myths oooooh

3. Connecticut, USA

Because Louis’ Lunch

It look so simple, but it's not. I hear its a concentrated slice of beefy heaven gaaaaaah

It looks so simple, but it’s not. I hear it’s a concentrated slice of beefy heaven gaaaaaah Photo by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

4. Cuyo, Palawan

Because of a song

5. Any bar in Chile

Because of this drink

Where did it go?

Where did you go, pisco?

6. Anywhere in the Arctic Circle

Because crazy natural lights!

7. Florence, Italy

Because Stendhal Syndrome

Medici Sleeping Ariadne

Medici Sleeping Ariadne

8. Taj Mahal

Because marble eye-candy perfection!

Taj Mahal

9. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Because of a movie

Up (2004)

Up (2004)

…and because it makes me wanna do something from another movie.

10. Anywhere in the Sahara Desert

Because so much sand. Soooo muuuuuuch saaaaaaand!

by Andrew Wallinski, 2013

by Andrew Wallinski, 2013

What’s in your places wishlist?


What do you think?

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