Photo Theme 1: Up Close

Back in college, we were asked to write a paper about a favorite word. The class was Semantics. Semantics is concerned with meaning. Word meanings or meaning-making.


My word was touch.


My thesis, forgettable. But the experience of explicating this simple word… touched a few strings somewhere. For one thing, there was “the dark side” of the word to be discussed. As in when used in the context of hipo, a direct translation in Filipino. What does the word mean? In what contexts is the word used? How does it affect the word touch? I would have gone for salat, but that would have been too archaic(?). Hipo was simpler; hipo was more provoking. Hipo led me to a too-abrupt conclusion because of page limit.


But if I were given the chance to go multi-media, I would have dropped every word and settled the point with:


A nose, care of a good good friend (and I asked permission from her!)


This smiling dragonfly.


A sunflower. As excited as the graduates who donned their Sablay that day in 2011.


This goat-skin drum head. I use it to, as my brother and Mama would say, “call the ancestors” once in a while.


Our mama dog, Paola Bear (yes, that’s her surname). Glistening nose and all.


A leaf.

There are certain things I would relish to touch (a wet nose, for instance). Others, I could only dream of touching. When we say hipo or touch there is always a limitation, no matter the context. Touching a hand is okay with a friend or a lover. Touching oneself, that’s up to you. Where, when and why we touch are other things to consider. I would have loved to touch that dragonfly, but I would have disturbed its universe (“Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?”*). I touch the drum head anytime I want to, because its mine. A touch is a loaded language. Touch where you are not invited and it becomes harassment. Deferring a touch could mean the death of relationships.

And when a physical touch means death, when it means regret, there are other ways of caressing. Words and photographs are two of these. Tell me if you find other ways.


What do you think?

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