Postcard Swapping

126 days of membership
18 postcards received
17 sent

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I was crazy high from all the postcards I got last February, so maybe this is just down time, right? Iunderstand,Icanwait. December was a slow month too, what’s a couple more days of wai-$&#!@#$%f***!

I’m still partly kept afloat by the promise of a few swaps I did make in the past days. According to this WP site’s stats, really really interested PC users (which are mostly those who have just joined the site) research possible swappers first before sending a request for swap.

Wait. First off, what is a swap?

In PC context, a swap, or a direct swap, is a postcard exchange conducted by members w/o the use of any PC ID. Just send a member a message requesting a swap – and by swap, it’s understood that this is two-way, unless one participant means to fool the other – which. is. sacrilegious. (In other words, use your discretion when looking for a swap). Swapping is a way to receive/send postcards despite reaching the PC limit. Members can always message other members interested in direct swaps.

And how do users research for credibility and info? Through your website of course! Users can add a link to their website in their PC Profile Page (I’m linking this page, by the way). Other users have pictures of their postcard collections for swap online, but sending a great card doesn’t guarantee receiving something as great. And asking for a particular card doesn’t guarantee receiving that particular card (again, discretion here).

If you’re interested in a Direct Swap…

Usually, I leave choice of card to the sender. If you’re a PC member, you can always find my preferences in my profile, and if you follow them, then I’ll pump my fist in the air 10 more times than usual!!! (No kidding, I do pump both my fists every time I’m handed a postcard!) I’m no stamp collector too, so any stamp is fine with me. My weakness is a good, long message though, and I love it more when the space for the message is filled! I guarantee this with every postcard I send, direct swap or no:

this is how I share tidbits about the Philippines thru PC

So if you want a card from a particularly chatty sender from the Philippines, just send a request thru my Postcrossing profile.

Postmark Philippines

There’s always something fishy about standard Philippine stamps. This is what we’re getting if we don’t ask or order other available stamps from your local post office:

there isn’t anything wrong with shellfish, but I heard too much can upset the stomach

…and in the absence of a postage stamp, offices use the other kind of stamp:

By the way, did you know that the part of the postmark that overlaps the stamp is called a killer? How dramatic!

Anyway, Happy Postcrossing!


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