To Bebang


In my quest to find vintage Philippine postcards, I came across a whole bunch which was a sort of surprise for me. By vintage, I was thinking the caricature type cards or ad cards, all colored. Almost something like Kenkoy Komiks. Instead, there was this whole pile of studio-type photos with the standard postcard emblems on them.

Some have text written on them, along the lines of that one in the photo above. They came across as generic, and with the absence of postmarks or stamps, I don’t think they were ever sent. I don’t know what to make of the whole idea though… maybe they were just samplers made by the photographers or the owner of the studio. See the name on the upper right portion of the card? The one which borders the “place stamp here”? I think that’s the studio’s name or something… Anyway, all the cards I saw were dated around the 1920s. I’m not certain of the authenticity, but the card looks old enough. The picture itself is intriguing.


Not a lot look this pleasing. In some cards the people aren’t smiling at all, but most of the women are shown wearing Filipiniana, while most men are in Amerikano. Some photos show kids in them, some men or groups of men. I did see a handful of portrait photos, all bordered with black, like a vignette. Most of them are solo pictures, but a few show couples, maybe married (?). Again I’m not certain of the context. Anyone care to enlighten me?

I bought this one for 75Php, so they’re not recommended for Postcrossing, but they would make a unique piece to any collection. More can be found in an antique items collector’s shop in Kamuning Antique Swapmeet along Kamuning Road, near EDSA.


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