Stuck in Nursery

I bought El Dia last month, and so far things have been pretty good. I’ve been catching up on my chordbook and sheets and learning new ones along the way.  The first few songs left that familiar stinging feeling at the fingertips, but otherwise, it’s easier than Lazaro (my now 7-year-old, semi-retired, acoustic guitar). El Dia’s easier to use since he’s a nylon and pressing the strings is easy as pie. The only problem is, as with nylon or classical, you can’t really “rock hard” without compromising the quality of tone, in effect producing that buzzing sound.

So I’ve been living on a music diet of slow or soft rock, among other things. Try Everlong in slow mo. There is such a version out there, but it aint as fun as the fast one, and it certainly doesn’t expend angst/stress and that shiz.

Currently, I’m stuck with this. I’m not yet using this version though (which sounds off-beat by the time it reaches those fricken sixteenths!), I’m using the 2-guitar version. But whatever the version, the rhythm remains easy… the melody is hell!

Ugh, I hate it when I can’t move on!


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